Monday, April 12, 2010

Archery at Cheviot Hills

Last weekend I finally made it to Rancho Park Archery at Cheviot Hills. What a cool, free activity. Make sure you arrive early for the 11am class, they only accept 20 people and some were turned away from our group.

We parked at the front lot and 2551 Motor Ave. and walked to the range but you can also follow signs to parking right next to the range.

The first 45 minutes of class were an orientation. Our teacher showed us how to figure out which eye is dominant which determines whether you're a leftie or a rightie. After that you get your free equipment and shoot until they kick you out. We stayed until 1:30 and had a blast.

Once you take the orientation class you can come back during open shooting on Saturdays and Sundays. Once you have your own equipment most nights the range is open. The equipment, classes and open shooting times are all free so they ask for donations. It's a great idea to give a few dollars for the class. It's such a great resource.

Also, Cheviot Hills Recreation Center is a great spot. They have tennis courts, baseball fields, open spaces and even a dog obstacle course. The dogs and owners both seemed to be having a blast. This is a great place to return to, even if you're not up for archery that day...

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