Monday, April 12, 2010

Mezza Mediterranian Grill

We hit Mezza Mediterranian Grill on Saturday night. It's a new spot across from the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City.

The waitstaff and hostesses were very nice, they all wore coin belts that jingle as they walk around. The decor felt Lebanese/Turkish to me and the decorations were nice although it could be less bright. They've only been open for a few weeks so they're still getting their bearings. The music fit the decor well.

The restaurant was very busy on Saturday at 8 and you can tell it'll be really on warm nights when you can sit on the patio. The crowd was diverse and everyone had praise for the owner who personally visited each table to make sure people were enjoying their experience.

Now for the food...

They serve complimentary pita chips with a thick sesame sauce when you arrive. Very tasty but I wish the chips were larger.

Their beer/wine license is pending so I had Jalab to drink. This drink is comprised of rose water and molasses with pine nuts and walnuts on top. If you like rose water (I do) it's delicious but it is strong and I can see how it might be like drinking perfume if you aren't a fan.

Spinach Fatyer- I thought would be similar to spanikopita. It wasn't, it was much beter. The crust was chewy and it was very lemony. Fatyer was baked and at served room temperature so it wasn't as greasy as spanikopita tends to be. I really enjoyed this dish. You could easily have this and a salad for a light lunch. ($5.95)

Beef Shwarma- How have I lived my whole life without eating Shwarma? It was delicious! The meat was perfectly seasoned and a little spicy. For sides I chose tabouleh salad and spicy hummus. The tabouleh had less bulgar wheat than I prefer but it was very good with fresh parsley, onions and tomatoes. It was flavorful and had a spicy kick. Big portion was enough to eat half and take half home. ($11.50)

Shrimp Kabob Plate- My husband had this dish and adored it. Fresh chunks of onion, red and green peppers broke up large shrimp on a skewer. We brought half of this one home too. ($12.99)

Dessert sampler - The Ashta, a rosewater whipped cream, was delicious. Delicate and very flavorful with homemade syrup. The Namoura, a simple cookie type dessert made with sugar, butter and flour, was overly sweet for me but tasty. The Baklava was too dry for my taste but they emphasize healthy so it was probably dry because it wasn't drenched in syrup and butter.

I would highly recommend this spot next time you're in Culver City. It'll just get better and better as they get settled.

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