Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gourmandise Dessert / Learn About Wine Classes

Earlier this year, I attended the "Girls Only Cooking School: French Macarons & Wine" class with a friend. I found the event on Goldstar and it far exceeded my expectations. We learned so much about making macarons and tips on the equipment the teacher used and where to get ingredients. In our class everyone had their turn in the process. There were less than 20 students and we had the opportunity to leave the tables and see the process up close. The space the class was in was a big loft downtown, it was a really nice setup with a full, beautiful kitchen. The sommelier was informative and friendly, too. We tried 4 or 5 great wines. I only wish we could have purchased the wines we liked. I'd highly recommend this class.

Class was put on by Learn About Wine but the teacher,Clémence, does classes on her own too. Check out both sites for info and schedules.


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