Monday, April 12, 2010

Chicago Half-Day Walking Tour

I made this for my brother and have since shared it with several friends. I think it's a great way to spend a day in Chicago.

Begin at the corner of Wacker and Michigan Avenue. (This is the big shopping street in Chicago)
Continue down Michigan Avenue to East Division St., about 1 mile.
Turn Left on Division St. and make a right onto Astor Street. (This is a historic, beautiful street)
Continue down Astor to North Blvd. (.5 miles) Directly in front of you is Lincoln Park.
Make at Left at North Blvd. and walk to Wells St. (.3 miles) You'll see Second City on your right. Walk through the lobby to see famous alumni.
Make a Left on Wells St. to check out Old Town. This was my favorite part of the city! On the right side of the street is an awesome store that sells only oil and vinegar. The staff is so nice and you can try samples of crazy good balsamic vinegar. While you're here I'd walk down a few blocks, then back up to North Ave. A great place to explore and have lunch.
Continue left down North Blvd. to North Cleveland Ave. Make a right down Cleveland Ave. (.5 miles) This is just a nice walk through a neighborhood.
Make a left at West Armitage and continue to N. Halstead st. (.3 miles)
Make a right on N. Halstead and continue to Addison St. (2 miles) This is a long stretch down a main st. You'll walk by a pretty garden at Children's hospital, Loyola U, Kingston Mines, etc. If you want to skip it you could take the metro from Armitage to Addison or walk down Sheffield which is parallel.
At Addison, make a left. Wrigley Field is .3 miles down the road.

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  1. This walk was awesome, we really loved it and thankful you shared it with us in your pre-blogging days! The oil & vinegar store was Old Town Oil ( and it was so great that our only Chicago souvenir was 8 bottles of oil & vinegar. Thanks! -lmn.k


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