Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fraiche Restaurant, Culver City

Fraiche never disappoints. We go every chance we get and the quality is exceptional. Last night we made a vow to order new things as we have our favorites and don't often stray.

Salads - Our repeat was the baby beet salad, it is served on a bed of house made ricotta with hazelnuts and mache lettuce. Our other salad was the cured branzino served with arugula and oranges with a citrus dressing. The salty fish and sweet dressing were a perfect match.

Entrees - I had a new item on their menu, Short Rib Agnolotti in truffle butter. It just melted in my mouth. The textures and flavors were amazing. My husband had my usual, the tortelli stuffed with four cheeses and served with thyme and hazelnuts. It was perfect as usual.

Dessert- Tonight we tried the marscapone cheesecake. It's served with blueberry sorbet which tastes like frozen blueberry pie filling. So delicious. There are also mangoes, blueberries and a perfectly sweet and tangy mango sauce. Graham cracker streusel added the perfect crunch.

Other recommendations- Their summer menu usually has a francoboli, which means postage stamp in Italian. It's an amazing ravioli stuffed with corn and ricotta cheese. Their pumpkin soup in the fall/winter is also out of this world. Hearing the chef talk about it on Good Food on KCRW is what first inspired me to visit the restaurant.

Prices - Salads/Apps all hover around $15, Entrees range from mid $20's and pastas are all $15-20. Last night we had 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 glasses of wine, 1 dessert and the bill was $99 before tip.

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